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Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved. Made By Serif. Products Rope Colours A nice in-between size, great for dog training. Available in various colours. Kiddies treat bags: Medium treat bags: A good size for horse training. Available denim or various plain colours.    All Treat bags:  R 90.00 Large treat bags: << Back to top |  Spanish Rope Halter  |  Ropes  |  Bit-less Rope Bridle  |  Treatbags  |  Lovemore’s Saddle Stands  | Small saddle stand: Roughly 50cm high and holds your english saddle with ease. Great to take to shows!  R 250.00 Large saddle stand: Roughly 1m high with bridle hooks. This stand will comfortably hold any size saddle (including western and trail saddles).  R 350.00 Note: you can also order a stand to suit your special requirements.  We can make it higher, lighter, longer or stronger. Price will be adjusted accordingly. << Back to top << Back to top << Back to top << Back to top